6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

The Mobile Screening Unit – by Khelly Manou de Mahoungou

Through "The Mobile Screening Unit", the photographer Khelly Manou de Mahoungou presents the celebration of the World AIDS Day in Congo Brazzaville. The mobile screening unit represents one of the actions put in place to achieve Goal 6, as it serves to diagnose people living with HIV.

The fight against AIDS relates to one of the Millennium Development Goals. Today, nearly 8 million people worldwide live with the AIDS virus (HIV), and need intensive antiretroviral therapy (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy - HAART) to survive. On 1st December every year, World AIDS Day is celebrated. In this global mobilisation against AIDS, the Republic of Congo, a country of around 4 million people, has not remained on the side lines, having implicitly decided to pursue its policy through a mobile, voluntary and anonymous health screening policy initiated by the National Council for the Fight Against HIV/AIDS (CNLS).

Born in Brazzaville, where she still lives and works, Khelly Manu de Mahoungou is a trained communications expert and a member of the "Elili generation” group. After attending the workshop "A Photographic Walk" by Baudouin Mouanda in December 2009, she decided to devote herself to social issues and documentary photography. She now works on issues such as nutrition in Congo, and the behaviour of citizens, including their relationships with each other and with the environment. It is a sociological approach that she would like to export to other continents. Her work on the phenomenon of “coupé-coupé” – cheap meat – in Brazzaville, is a testimony to this process.