Screens. The Millennium Development Goals from a Southern Point of View


This publication has been produced as part of the development education project “Screens: Southern Visions of the Millennium Development Goals”, a project funded by the European Union with the aim of promoting the African point of view on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The project is being implemented by the Municipality of Vittoria (Italia - RG) in partnership with the municipalities of Siggiewi (Malta) and Mátészalka (Hungary) and Africa e Mediterraneo. Associated partners include Planète Jeunes (Burkina Faso), Maré Caela (Cape Verde), Afrique in visu (France/Mali) and the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).
This publication will be used to carry out awarenessraising activities aimed at project managers of partners municipalities, teachers, associations, students and citizens of the areas involved. Its production has been made possible by the vital contribution made by the project’s associate partners and their involvement in recommending and contacting the researchers and authors. The publication contains summaries of research, articles,comic strips, photographs, poems and video presentations produced by both individual African authors and African organisations. Materials produced by international organisations involved in monitoring progress towards the MDGs are also included. The publication is divided into nine chapters: chapter one provides an overview of the eight goals, with the subsequent chapters covering each of the MDGs individually. The text aims to present the issues as simply, clearly and concisely as possible,alongside images which seek to visually communicate the richness and complexity of African perspectives on the MDGs.

Download the full publication about the Millennium Development Goals from a Southern point of view