6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases


6.A) Have halted by 2015 and begun to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS.

6.B) Achieve, by 2010, universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all those who need it.

6.C) Have halted by 2015 and begun to reverse the incidence of malaria and other major diseases.


Goal 6


As noted in the 2010 United Nations report, the spread of HIV appears to have substantially declined, at least since 1997, falling from 3.5 million to 2.7 million new cases in 2008. Despite such improvements in this sub-goal of the 6th MDG "Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases", the disease continues to spread in regions such as in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other parts of Asia, where access to antiretroviral treatment is still limited. Sub-Saharan Africa remains the worst affected region, with 22.4 million people out of a worldwide total of 33.3 million infected.

The publication 2010: Countdown to the Health-related Millennium Development Goals, produced by the European network of NGOs Action for Global Health, reveals that in 2009, 5.25 million people in low-and middle-income countries received antiretroviral treatment for HIV and AIDS (over 1.2 million more than were treated in 2008). In spite of this, the first step towards stopping the spread of the disease is preventing its transmission, which is particularly important amongst young people aged between 15 and 24, with this age group accounting for 40% of all new infections in 2008.

Improvements in the prevention of malaria in recent years have led to a global decline in the disease, with around 11 African countries witnessing a decline of about 50% in new cases of malaria since 2000. The total number of malaria cases decreased from 244 million in 2005 to 225 million in 2009. Globally, the spread of tuberculosis has also declined dramatically. In 2009, most new cases of tuberculosis were reported in Asia (55%) and Africa (33%). The five countries with the highest number of cases were India, China, South Africa, Nigeria and Indonesia. An estimated 12% of people newly diagnosed with the disease in 2009 were also HIV positive, with almost all of these new cases occurring in sub-Saharan Africa.



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