Millennium Development Goals



1st Verse (Jay Mic)

If you look outside at the world you live in,

you can see the hardships that you know exist, but which you avoid;

the Heads of State and Government, all gathered,

have made a pact made up of eight goals:


1. Eradicating poverty and hunger, giving dignity to a father, bringing home the bread.

2. Universal primary education, with regular sessions and lessons.

3. Respect for the female, because these genes wear women's genitals away!

4. Reducing child mortality, they have the right to life, like all civilised people.

5. Improving maternal health, children are the light of the earth, they are a lantern!

6. Fighting the spread of disease, with guaranteed care for these cheated people!

7. Ensuring environmental conditions, with sanitation, housing and natural resources.

8. Developing a system for development and by 2015 we will have solved everything.



The Millennium Development Goals,

all together 

build a new world step by step.

All wee need is commitment,

to bring colour

to this tragic plan.

The clouds in the sky part,

and the sun's rays filter through

shining on all the lonely people .....

On all the lonely people!


2nd Verse (Black Nigga)

We are the sides of the same coin,

A freer Africa is sown on to jumpers,

freer from the acts of outsiders,

freer to change its ways and customs,

Africa dies inside,

I knock and enter

I plant my flagpole 

that says enough!

Fewer injuries and more rights,

follow my banner,

can’t you see that everyone seeks shelter from war.

Poverty lies in money,

but not in dreams .....

I close my eyes and I'm full of anger,

all around me there is only sand.

This is my message, understand,

that life is like a book,

you can always change chapters,

I’m not leaving here!

I walk two miles to drink some water.

Africa quenches its thirst with their blood,

while we, the beautiful people, wear our silk shirts,

I have lost all my supporters,

 a tear has turned into rain ...... Nigga!


3rd Verse (Black Nigga in Arabic) translation

Africa is the land of the Muslims,

who often fight amongst each other,

neglecting their country of origin.

The Earth is a blank sheet of paper

on which its own history is written,

like a child who has 

never known his parents.

In this life, everyone has their own destiny,

we should not always trust in faith.

Do not think about what you've lost,

but live as you believe, because

all of us laugh, cry and get angry.

The clock is ticking, don’t sit and watch it,

how many times I've walked on stones,

I plant a seed today and tomorrow there will be a forest.